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I. General statements

1.1. These terms and conditions (further "TC") set the rights and responsibilities of contracting parties, which come to existence on basis of use of Internet portal (further "Portal").

1.2. Contracting parties are the Portal operator

Pavel Ryčl
Metodějova 1466/7
149 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic
IČ 67934081

(further "Provider")


any person using the services of Portal (further "User").

II. Provided services

2.1. Provided services are all text and data components of Portal - articles, photograhs, videos, etc., which are protected by author and intelectual propertly law (further "Product").

2.2. User can use the Product only for his personal use in compliance with author and intelectual propertly law. User is not allowed to share or publish the Product in any way, neither use it for commercial purposes. That doesn't apply if Provider grants the User a licence, allowing use of Product above these TC.

2.3. Providers runs an Internet shop at the Portal, where User can buy a licence for Product's use. In case of purchasing the licence, User will obtain also a Product in form and quality agreed before the licence is paid.

2.4. Provided licences

(a) LIC-A : User can use the Product only for his personal use in compliance with author and intelectual propertly law. User is not allowed to share or publish the Product in any way, neither use it for commercial purposes.

(b) LIC-B : Non-exclusive licence, allowing the User one single publishing in newspapers, magazines, on the Internet or in any other publicly accessible medium. This medium must be accessible for readers or spectators of any age from the legal point of view.

2.5. If no licence is specified, then the LIC-A applies.

III. Order and contract

3.1. To order the product, User will submit an order form, situated in Internet interface of the Portal.

3.2. All orders submitted by User at the Portal are binding. By submitting the order, User agrees with these TC.

3.3. A contract is created when order is submitted by User and received by Provider. Provider will then confirm the order in 24 hours by e-mail to e-mail address given by User.

3.4. Use of a licence starts at the moment of receiving of agreed amount on Provider's PayPal account and taking of the related Product by User from Provider.

3.5. User understands that Provider is not obliged to create a contract with him, especially when User has breached these TC in the past.

3.6. By submitting the order at the Portal, User gives consent to Provider to gather and archive personal information about the User and his purchases in the meaning of article VII. of this TC.

IV. Delivery

4.1. Ordered product, thus licence, does not have a physical form and is formed by electronical record in the database of the Provider. An invoice declares the ownership of licence. Invoice is created and sent to User when the order is paid.

4.2. Integral part of the licence is a Product in agreed form and quality. This Product is provided to User in 24 hours after full payment of the order, in form of data file situated at the Portal. By downloading this file, the process of taking licence and Product by a User is finished and the use of a licence is started.

4.3. If User wishes to cancel the contract created by means of remote communication, he can do it only until the licence starts to be used as described in article 4.2., but not later than 14 days after the order was paid.

4.4. Provider is not responsible for delays in delivery, caused by technical problems behind the network interface of Provider's server.

4.5. In the case the Product or licence need to be delivered to User repetively, or by other means than covered by these TC, and the cause of this is at the side of the User, then the User is obliged to cover the expenses of such resending.

V. The price and paying conditions

5.1. Prices of offered products listed at the Portal don't contain the VAT. Provider however is not a VAT payer, therefore the prices listed at the Portal are complete and final prices for the User.

5.2. The price is paid by User to Provider by one of the following means:

a) cashless service PayPal

5.3. Provider has a right to change the price any time, even after the contract has been created. If Provider increases the price in this matter for more than 4 Euro, the User has a right to cancel the contract.

VI. Cancelling the contract

6.1. Submitting an Internet order by User - consumer (further "Consumer") means creating a contract by means of remote communication. As such, the Consumer has right to cancel the contract within 14 days after receiving the goods (§ 53 article 7 civil law of Czech Republic). If User decides to utilize this right, he has to deliver the cancelling testament along with ordered goods at his own expenses to the Provider within 14 days after receiving the goods. All documents must be included, expecially invoice, or the creation of contract in question must be manifested in other way but without doubt.

6.2. Goods must be returned complete, unused, undamaged, in the state and value it was received by the User.

6.3. If the User already commited the act of downloading the Product (article 4.2.), then use of licence has already started and therefore it cannot be considered unused as described in article 6.2.

6.4. In case conditions described in articles 6.1., 6.2. and 6.3. are met, then Provider will send the money back at the PayPal account, from which it has been received. Provider will send the money within 30 days of effective cancellation of the contract.

VII. Privacy and security

7.1. All personal information provided by User when using the Portal can be accumulated, processed and archived according to Czech Republic law no. 102/2000 Sb. (Personal Information Protection Law). By submitting order or creating contract, the User gives his agreement to Provider to accumulate, process and archive his personal information for the purpose of order processing, all that until the moment of his written disagreement with this activity.

7.2. User has a right to access his personal information, a right to modify them and also other rights given to him by the law. Provider does never give User's personal information to any third party, with exception of cases and entities required by the law.

VIII. Final information

8.1 These TC are valid in the version published at the Portal in the moment if its use by the User.

8.2. By using the Portal, User agrees without exceptions to all regulations of TC in the version valid in the moment of Portal's use. If User doesn't agree with TC, User must not use the Portal.

8.3. In case the TC are changed, the original ones will be still accessible for viewing at the Portal.

8.4. These TC form non-excludable part of the created contract. TC are displayed at the Portal (Internet address

8.5. If the User is a Consumer, all legal relations not covered by these TC are covered by Czech Republic law 40/1964 Sb. (Civil Law) and 634/1992 Sb. (Consumer Protection Law). If the User is a business, then all legal relations not covered by these TC are covered by the Czech Republic law 513/1991 Sb. (Business Law).

8.6. If any of the regulations of these TC is invalid or forceless, or becomes such, a regulation closest to original regulation meaning will come to its place. In such case, all remaining regulations of these TC are still valid.

8.7. Provider has a right to change these TC any time. Text of valid TC must be published on the Portal by the Provider.

8.8. All legal relations connected with using of Portal or contracts are binded by the laws of the Czech Republic. Any possible legal suits and disputes are to be decided by the courts of the Czech Republic. If a legal relation connected with using of Portal or contracts contains an international element, both parties agree that such a relation in binded by the law of the Czech Republic.

8.9. These TC are valid and effective since 2012-11-28.
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