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What's new?

Jan 21st 2016 15:00

Kolding Cup Preview
Jan 16th-17th, Kolding (DEN)

Nov 8th 2015 22:25

Czech Youth Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship Preview
Nov 7th, Havlíčkův Brod

Oct 10th 2015 21:00

Brandenburg Cup Preview
Sep 26th, Frankfurt/Oder (GER)

Oct 9th 2015 22:50

I have been thinking for long time how to start this post, but I haven't seemed to find the right words. So I will just spit it out simply and clearly:

I have decided to release all my pictures in original resolution.

The reasons for that are simple:

Purpose of my site is solely the promotion of the sport and the support of the athletes by making nice pictures for them.

Other photographers don't do such a thing for two reasons. Either it's their job and they have to make out a living from it, or their ego doesn't allow them.

I understand and respect the first group. Most people have absolutely no idea, how expensive and exhausting can the photography be. Both physically and psychically. Especially the sport or wildlife photography. So think twice before you complain about the price next time. Buy something from the guys now and then, so they could carry out their hard work. Don't forget - good photographers are very rare! If you like somebody's work, support him.

On the other hand, I feel sorry for the second group. People weak in mind, who think their creation is so very unique and precious, that it must be cherrished from all the angles and everybody must bow to them. There are many 'artists' like that. In reality, they are producing their 'artworks' only to get a better position among the others. They act as important people, forcing everybody to acknowledge their superiority. Oh, what a terrible life that must be...

The good artist is always humble, always looking for his mistakes, seeking perfection. He never considers himself to be great, never criticises the others. He's just following his heart, as such a path is always right.


And speaking of heart.

You all know it - the world is ... shit. People are hurting each other all the time. Over power, over money. We can make the world a better place only by spreading the love. Which brings me to the other reason for my decision. I wanted to do something to make people happy. Free of charge, no conditions attached, expecting nothing in return.

Spread the love people, make this world a better place!


Technical notes

Only pictures from 2001, 2002, 2003 a 2004 are ready at the moment. I will be adding more continuosly over upcoming months. You can see the lastly opened galleries in the right box of this page. Such galleries are also marked as 'open' in the gallery lists.

Download process is simple - you can add the pictures to the lightbox/cart. Then you go to check out. If the price is 0.00 (which of course it is :-), you will get the download link in the next step of check out. Preparing the donwload file may take some time, depending on its size and server load, so be patient.

Remember - the lightbox/cart will reset after 2 hours of inactivity. So be sure to check out before you run away for shopping or something. Otherwise you may find your lightbox empty, when you get back... I am going to fix this soon, don't worry.

Also, if you find any bug, please drop me a line!

Sep 20th 2015 20:00

International tournament Preview
Sep 19th, Havlíčkův Brod

Aug 21st 2015 17:30

Jul 30th 2015 12:15

Triathlon Mělník Preview
Jul 25th, Mělník

Jun 28th 2015 20:35

International tournament Preview
Jun 27th, Dunajská Streda (SVK)

Jun 18th 2015 10:40

ODM 2015 day 3 quick mix Preview
Jun 17th, Plzeň

Jun 17th 2015 13:20

ODM 2015 day 2 quick mix Preview
Jun 16th, Plzeň

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  Czech Cadet and Senior Greco-roman Wrestling Championship 2014
Chomutov (CZE)
  Aarhus Open 2014
Aarhus (DEN)
  Kolding Cup 2014
Kolding (DEN)

  LBS Cup Crailsheim 2013
Crailsheim (GER)

  Wrestling Match in Brezova
Brezova (CZE)
  10th Austrian Future Cup 2013
Linz (AUT)

  Cangaroos Pocket 2013
Prague (CZE)
  Jan Gajdos Memorial 2013
Brno (CZE)

  Samorin Mayers Cup 2013
Samorin (SVK)
  Jiri Matucha Memorial 2013
Praha (CZE)
  Brandenburg Cup 2013
Frankfurt/Oder (GER)

  Great Prize of Trinec 2012
Trinec (CZE)

  eG Wohnen Juniorstrophy 2013
Cottbus (GER)
  Prague Wrestling Open 2013
Prague (CZE)
  Czech Youth and Junior Free-Style Wrestling Championship 2013
Jihlava (CZE)

  LBS Cup Crailsheim 2013
Crailsheim (GER)
  Czech Inline Open 2013
Benatky nad Jizerou (CZE)
  International Wrestling Tournament Lidice 2013
Kladno (CZE)

  Chomutov Cup
Chomutov (CZE)
  Grand Prix Chomutov
Chomutov (CZE)
  O Puchar Sobieskiego
Poznan (POL)

  LBS Cup Buchen 2013
Buchen (GER)
  International Polish Cadet Championship
Kostrzyn (POL)
  Great Prize of Trinec
Trinec (CZE)

  Turnier der Meister
Cottbus (GER)
  Wrestling Tournament in Graz
Graz (AUT)
  III Izery Cup
Stara Kamenica (POL)

  Junior Team Cup 2013
Berlin (GER)
  Aarhus Open 2013
Aarhus (DEN)
  Opel-Cup 2013
Torgelow (GER)

  Czech Youth and Junior Greco-roman Wrestling Championship 2013
Chomutov (CZE)
  Czech Cadet and Senior Greco-roman Wrestling Championship 2013
Havlickuv Brod (CZE)
  Kolding Cup 2013
Kolding (DEN)

  9th Austrian Future Cup
Linz (AUT)

  9th Austrian Future Cup 2012
Linz (AUT)
  LBS Cup
Buchen (GER)

  Czech Youth and Junior Free Style Championship
Hradec Kralove (CZE)
  Jan Gajdos Memorial
Brno (CZE)
  Urban and Vesely Memorial

  Kangaroo's Pocket
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