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Apr 15th 2015 10:00

Polish Cadet Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship 2015 Preview
Apr 11th-12th, Kostrzyn nad Odrou (POL)

Apr 5th 2015 12:00

Czech Cadet and Senior Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship 2015 Preview
Apr 4th, Chomutov

Apr 1st 2015 11:40

Tallinn Open 2015 Preview
Mar 28th-29th, Tallinn (EST)

Mar 16th 2015 03:00

Czech Youth and Junior Wrestling Championship, Greco-Roman style Preview
Mar 14th, Třinec

Feb 22nd 2014 23:35

I felt like it would be a great waste not to share more of the interesting footage I took in Aarhus. So I decided to show you the material, which is created, when I do the first pass throught the entire footage. I put the interesting bits aside and later use it as a source for the actual editing.

You can check out both real time speed and 5x slow motion of the same material.

Feb 15th 2014 19:15

I have been thinking about doing this for quite some time, but waited for Canon dSLR capable of 120fps video at Full HD. That way I could create nice fluent slow motion, 5x slower than original.

Looks like we still have to wait for that one, so I decided to ease my requirements a bit and borrowed Sony A7S, which can manage 720p@120fps. See for yourself, if it was worth the effort!

Jan 22nd 2015 00:45

Kolding Cup Preview
Jan 17th-18th, Kolding (DEN)

Dec 26th 2014 22:30

Hi everybody! On every Christmas I always gave you some present, and this year of course will be no exception.

I was thinking what could be the best to give you, and eventually decided to process the full gallery of Gaudiman Triathlon, as it was definitely the most beautiful triathlon of this year and also because I got a lot of positive feedback on the preview photos. So - Merry Christmas!

Nov 30th 2014 21:15

11th Austrian Future Cup Preview
Nov 29th, Linz (AUT)

Nov 23rd 2014 17:15

Hi everybody!

Sometimes people ask me for advice, how to make a good pictures.

Well, I don't really like to be the one, who's telling the others how it's done. I myself never gave a damn about what others thought about my photography and I followed only my heart and instinct instead. Yes, really - I actually never studied the subject and never was learning from anybody.

However since some of you want to be adviced, I decided to create a short article on how I feel the best sport images should look like.

First of all, I am not going to tell you what is wrong and what is right. Never let anyone dictate you that! What I am going to do, is to give you 5 simple basic rules, which I myself follow and which work for me. I leave up to you whether you find them useful or not.

1) pictures should be taken from a low position

Many people prefer standing when shooting sport, or maybe sitting on the chair. I prefer shooting from as low position as possible. Especially in wrestling, I think this is very important. In there, I actually sit on the ground. Yes - it's definitely not comfortable, especially if you are stuck there whole day, but unfortunately necessary...
Going even lower is possible, but physically difficult (you can't lie on the ground the whole day, you need to be able to move fast, it's physically difficult etc).

2) DOF (depth of field) should be as shallow as possible (=big blur on the background)

Shallow DOF can be achieved by long focal length, low aperture (f-number), large size of the camera sensor and small size of imaged scene. All these factors combined influence DOF. This is an example of picture with nicely shallow DOF:

3) the light must not be flat

A lot of light doesn't equal good light. Actually, it's quite opposite. I'm always positioning my back in the direction of darkest corner of the hall. That way the light hits the subject from the sides and back, but never from the front. Here are two examples, where you can see, how to use the "bad" light in your favour:

In fact, the old sport halls with very bad light (in terms of intensity) give the best opportunities for nicely plastic pictures. And with the current technology, dark environment is not such problem anymore. What IS the problem, is a fact, that they are repairing them... And around the entire Europe, dear Mr. Architects are choosing the WORST possible light sources - the fluorescent tubes!!! All over the ceiling!
I gotta write an article about this to some architectual magazines. They seem to have no idea how bad choice that is. And not just for the photographers, but for everybody :-(

Lastly - I NEVER use flash on the camera. Because flash simply destroys all that beautiful and diverse light.

4) obstacles "help"

Obstacles in the line of view are actually great for image plasticity, if you know, how to work with them. Check out these:

5) background matters

I'll just put two pics in here. Same situation, different background. They will explain themselves.

In the nutshell - that's it! If you follow these rules, your pictures should look like mine, if that is your goal.

Obviously, in sport, the situation is always different and it is not easy to obey all five rules at the same time. Often you have to sacrifice one or two of them for the sake of other 4 or 3. It's always a complicated compromise so one could yield as much as possible from the event. But it wouldn't be such a fun if it was easy, would it?

Also I need to note that this was just the technical side of the photography. What moments to shoot - that's something else.

I hope you find this little article useful.

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