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17.4.2014 23:45

Ať už je to práce kohokoliv... Díky

Zdroj: FIT.CZ

13.4.2014 19:15

Velká cena Borohrádku Preview
12.4., Borohrádek

7.4.2014 10:35

MČR ml. žáků a kadetů ve volném stylu Preview
5.4., Hradec Králové

Velká cena Hodonína Preview
29.3., Hodonín

26.3.2014   20:50

Chorvatská liga kadetů, 1. kolo Preview
23.3., Varaždin (CRO)

19.3.2014   23:20

MČR žáků a juniorů v zápase řecko římském Preview
15.3., Meziboří

3.3.2014   14:20

MČR kadetů a seniorů v zápase řecko římském Preview
1.3., Chomutov

14.2.2014   13:00

Aarhus Open Preview
8.-.9., Aarhus (DEN)

25.1.2014   19:50

Kolding Cup Preview
18.1., Kolding (DEN)

Dec 31st 2013  23:40

Year 2013 is over. It was a good year and it brought many significant changes to my life. And since this website is a big part of my life, it is concerned too.

I love shooting, I love sports, I love making videos. There is also many other activities and engagements I love to do and you don't know about. And I would love to do even more... But, sadly, I am just a human. I can't do everyting alltogether. Or at least not in a good quality.

And if there is one lesson I learnt well in my life, it is that quality is way more important than quantity...

Over the years, I have been fighting with myself, because I always wanted to create awesome things, but I wasn't willing to abandon or reduce any of my activities at the same time. That, obviously, couldn't have worked out. And it didn't.

It came to me clearly during the past year. I realized that focusing only on the very few (if not single) things is the ONLY way to get them done. To do that, all other activities must be left behind.

And what is it I desire to do the most?

THE MOVIE! The idea is old over 10 years now, while more than 3 years have passed since my decision to "really go for it". Sadly I haven't got too far, because - as mentioned above - I wasn't willing to drop anything else from my activities. Especially not shooting.

Yet it is the shooting and picture processing that consumes literally ALL my free time. Therefore, albeit it really hurts me, the rate of events published here will go significantly down from now.

A year ago I went commercial, hoping the earnings could be high enough to (at least partially) replace my current job. That way, I could keep the publishing rate the same or maybe even increase it.

Well, they were not... Not to my surprise, as I knew most people would be satisfied with the resolution freely accessible on the site. But that is OK - making EHM.CZ another commercial website feels just SO wrong. I simply can't do it.

Starting now, I will go down to one or mostly two events per month. In the saved time I will work on the big film.

I am sure I mentioned it before, but let's say it again. It will be about wrestling and I am pretty sure it will be like nothing you have ever seen before. The plan for this year is to get the funding (a brief estimate is 1 million euro), so it could be shot and released in 2015.

I would also like to use this opportunity to ask you, my fellow visitors. If anybody would like to participate in any way on this project, please send me an email. Tell me some basic info about yourself and what can you contribute with. Maybe you are producer, composer, donor, ...? Maybe you work in a company which work in the film industry. Or maybe you know somebody who does. Any help counts!

I will put a project website online in the spring, so you will get more info and news about the project there.

Until then, have yourself a great time and all the best to the new year of 2014 from me!

As a little new year present please enjoy this short preview of another gymnastics training session in Liberec! Let this be an inspiration for you into the new year. Have fun!

8.12.2013   12:15

Turnaj v Březové Preview
7.12., Březová

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